Earth’s Story

I hear the whisper through the trees.

                                                The message I’ve been waiting for,

Haunting me.

I see the sun as it sets.

Gorgeous, like a spider’s web.

How is it that a cloud is a thousand designs at once?

All depending on someone’s imagination

To carry it through worlds.

What do you see,

As Earth’s story unfolds?

Expecting much?

Or very little?

I’ll tell you what I’m beholding.

His creation is exploding.

His masterpiece is shining.

He’s made His mark.

We just have to recognize it.

What is Earth’s story?

Ask the author.

Trust me,

He’s always listening.






Hard Times

It’s not just a popular Paramore pop song.

It’s a real thing.

Time can be something so rough.

The moments, the tears, memories, seconds, etc.


It’s found all over time.

If you could dissect seconds, what do you think you’d find?

If it could speak what do you think it’d say?

We don’t think this deeply into things.

Face it we’re lazy.

Try it, I dare you.

Think deeply for once.

Think about why we’re here, why we breathe.

Hard times are not just a title.

It’s not something you can get over quickly.

Like, saying goodbye to someone…even if you’re gonna see them the next day…

If your wondering, no, that person isn’t a lover of mine.

She is/has become one of my best friends these past two weeks here in California.

Anyways, I had to say goodbye to her and it was tough cause my friend and I were staying at her place until her roommates showed up (which was tonight).

And now I’m back at my place feeling a bit low, but I know I’ll see her like everyday.

She’s a ray of sunshine, that one haha!

So guys, it’s not bad to be in a “Hard Time”.

It just makes us stronger, sharpens us.

We will push on.

I have a friend, I’ll call her Raven. Just to keep things on the safe side. She has been going through a tough time.

Her father is, well might as well be, “nonexistent” at the moment.

She’s never met him.

Her mother, a drug addict.

Boyfriend, dumped her like a few days ago.

But guys, seriously, Raven is one of the most strongest woman I have ever met.

Yes, she’s struggling, feeling so overwhelmed, etc.

Yeah, she may want to go back to hurting herself, or even just ending it.

But this girl. Guys.

She’s a warrior.

I can’t wait for the day she says yes to the Lord, because she will make such a crazy impact in this world.

I love her.

She is a blessing in my life.

She is independent, strong, fearless, beautiful inside and out, and loved by God.

She is starting to see who she is.

She is starting to know.

It’s amazing how hard time’s just push you forward.

It’s beautiful how being put down can cause you to just push harder into the light. The good side. To not give up because you know you were made for greater things.

I learn.

Everyday I learn.

My friends, the people around me, God, I’m being teached by all of them.

Seeing the way other people see.

Going deeper into the wisdom and knowledge that God can show me through the craziest of things. He is amazing. God has shown me so much through the new people I have met when I first moved here.

He has been so good to me.

He has taken me into greater heights.

Crazy new aspects, etc.

I love it!

You too can feel this, the connection.

Then you can just immerse yourself into His perfect love that casts out all fear, anxiety, addictions, all of it. HE can take it all away.

That’s it for now y’all! =)




Well, lately I’ve been feeling like I should do a life update.

It stinks.

Yeah I’m happy, excited, etc. Cause I’m moving out to California with my best friend, but, I just haven’t even had the time to reflect on myself.

We all need to just have a moment to breathe before we transition to our next step in life.

I’ve been having this crazy feeling of needing to recharge.

God knows.

It’s been hard. With my last few days of high school and then graduating.

Now, I’m facing the reality of it all. I can’t turn back now, my life is actually starting. Like, really starting!

It’s hard to explain.

The feelings, the rush, everything.

It’s all so… new.

This post is mainly for myself to see in the future.

To see how my state of mind was.

I know it hasn’t really made much sense to you all, but to me it does currently (maybe not for me in the future, ain’t gonna lie) and I want to see my quirky stages and transitions.

I really have nothing else to say, haha!

So that’s it for now y’all!


– N.F.

Spiritual Turbulence

Imagine being in a plane, soaring through the sky.

Once you’ve finally closed your eyes, settling yourself in the hopefully cushioned seats, you feel a huge drop at the pit of your stomach. OOF! Talk about a wake up call!

This is what happens to the most of us in our spiritual walk.

We get all comfortable and rest too easy in the rhythm of the wind beating against us.

Then, when you think you’ve finally attained the perfect control, turbulence strikes!

How do we get away or at least prepare ourselves from this “attack”, you may ask?

Well, always be vigilant.

Always know that when you’re in a time of resting, you really have to cherish it.

Good times come and go.

Don’t fear, because bad times come and go just the same.

– N.F.

New Beginnings

I am going through the most craziest transition in my life (no, I’m not getting married!).

I am graduating high school, and in not too long, I’ll also be moving to California.

Talk about a change in direction!

Never have I ever thought that I’d be moving all the way across the states.

To be honest it was a pretty big surprise/shock for me.

I thought, well, I just thought that I’d stay here at home for a period of time.

To learn a bit more about myself and fully seek within me what my true calling is, in my life.

Little did I know, that I already knew!

It was right there in front of me this whole time!

Maybe, with you guys, you have been searching and searching for, “the meaning of life” or, “your purpose in life”, maybe you even think, “how do I fit in this, big, big, world?”.

Here’s the answer straight out and quick.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

When people are asked what’s their favorite quality of you, what do they say?

When you use your talents, have you ever really thought what they were? Every single one? The steps it took to refine or sharpen them?

Know your answers to these questions.

Ask the people who are always around you what they see in you, the thing that most people don’t have, but you do. The thing(s) that make you unique in this world.

First step, is to know who you are.

Second step, is to believe who you are.

Third, sum it all up.

Do what you love and love what you do.

I believe in God.

I believe that He has placed the passion in our hearts for our calling.

We may think we want to do one thing we desire and have dreamed for, and that what God asks for us is too much, but that’s not true.

How do I know its not?

Because I live that life.

I’m living in His lifestyle.

When I was little I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian.

I still do, but then music came into my life.

There was/is something about being able to sing and play an instrument.

There’s something that releases into the atmosphere when you strum a chord pattern and sing out your feelings.

I found out that people have made a living worshipping God and that it’s possible to do what I love, for Him.

That is an example of doing what you love and love what you’re doing. It can be life changing.

There’s deliverance in walking in God’s plan and His way.

You learn how to sacrifice things you love for Him and His purpose He’s given you.

You end up living a life full of grace and stability that turns into a life of faith.

Living a life of faith is extremely difficult.

We go through tests and trials.

The thing that keeps you going is your devotion to Christ.

It helps you strive to your goal.

A thing can help you, and something you should know is that, God’s love never runs out.

It’s not limited, fake, forced, etc.

His love is everlasting, eternal, relentless, and beautiful. It never fails.

I can go on and on about His qualities, but I will go back to my point.

I’m gonna wrap this up quick.


You are, beautiful, amazing, strong, fearless, and one of a kind.

You have a purpose for your life.

You have a special part to take into this world.

God has created you as a special piece in this puzzle.

Take a time of your day to just stop what you’re doing, sit down, close your eyes, relax, and just ask God what is His plan for your life and what step does He want you to take first, in order to start moving in that direction.

Trust me, you don’t want to waste half your life pursuing some “life goal” that was just a superficial desire and not what God has called you to do.

We only live once.






Why Me?

I bet y’all have asked this question before to yourselves if not once, then a billion times.

Life is… Well, it’s life! Haha.

Remember, keep your head up and don’t loose heart, for you are made in the image of Christ.

This time in some of y’alls life may seem like the “last straw”, maybe even the point where you want to just quit and ignore every, advice, hand of help, and wise words/uplifting mantras people want you to repeat. I bet you’re just sick of it.

I can say this, because I was like that not too long ago.

These unexpected turns can just be that, “unexpected”.

Life revolves around the unexpected and the impossible, which is why God is the God of those things.

We must learn to not thrive in the unexpected of this world’s nature. We need to thrive in God’s “groove”. His nature is, impossible, faith driven, fearless. and peaceful, but also zealous and strong.

I’m not saying, “aim to be like God, for He is perfect and you should be too.”

What I’m saying is, yes, aim for perfection because doing things to the fullest of our abilities strengthens us into being better people. It’s what motivates us. Having a goal will always motivate you.

Make a goal for yourself today. Start small, “today I’ll do my laundry cause I’ve been putting it off for a few days.” Just like that, and you’ll be able to make your goals bigger and bigger until you actually change some part of the world.

In order to do big things in this world. You need to do small things first.

Build that foundation. Exercise your faith. Move. Don’t procrastinate any longer.

I’m pretty much preaching to myself, because I deal with procrastination a whole lot.

So much, in fact, that I put things off until its too late or I’ve completely lost interest.

Don’t go to that point y’all. Don’t. Always be moving. Yes, rest, for that’s key in everything, but when you know that you’ve been on that couch for too long. Seeing that the world is going by before your eyes. Get yourself up and start doing something about it.

This has been on my heart for a while. I know I need to step up my game and start being more productive. So, do it with me.



– N.F.

The Ultimate Thing

Happiness. That, is “the ultimate thing”. God has given us the ability to smile and be thankful. He may not always be happy (for He is a Just Judge and isn’t always laughing) but  how do we know that’s true? God feels so many emotions all at once.

Did you know, that since we’re made in the image of God, we have multiple emotions like He does? It’s another sign of proof of the mark He’s placed on us.

God’s love and joy is everlasting.

It’s not a cliche saying when you hear, “joy is my greatest strength”, because it truly is so.

When you are fixed on what’s beyond the problem, you end up moving faster towards the finish line.

Knowing what lies beyond the storm, is what helps you get out of it.

If no one is there to encourage you, God is always right there, by you.

He satisfies our souls with His love and strength.

God is a fierce and mighty God who will love His children no matter what.

We must accept the help of the Lord.

I know for sure that there’s a lot of us who want to just do it all ourselves and be “independent”. Well I hate to break it to you, but God wants unity. He wants a connection between you, Him, and the encouraging people around you. He desires for the body of Christ to stop being so selfish and to stop focusing on their problems by themselves.

img_2940God sometimes just wants you to give Him the reigns.





The title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also something I’m feeling right now.

You may get this feeling when people lie to your face (then you find out later), cheat on you, or just don’t know who you are even though they live with you and should at least know if you’re trying to be rude or not.

I for one, hate it when people accuse me of doing something I’m not. When they take it the wrong way, but to a serious extreme that they end up saying something rude back to you, is the worst. Since they thought you started it, even though you didn’t mean it like that at all.

That person took a certain tone of voice/body language and automatically thought it was towards them and not the situation that was frustrating the other person.

We all, seriously, need to think before we speak! If anyone actually did, then most of us wouldn’t be in certain messes we are in now.

I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did with, “said person”. And that’s a fact, but it just really hurt me that, that person just came to the most bizarre conclusion. I got so mad that I just couldn’t say anything and walked away.

Sometimes it is best to walk away from certain “sparks”, because if you even have the slightest feeling that if you stay, it’ll become a “wildfire”, then that means you should go. It helps cool down the whole situation and makes the other person chill out and not explode multiple defensive statements that can turn out as extremely rude.

Try your best to not get angry as much as possible.

Remember to sit still and just hear the sound of your breathing until it gets calm. Also, pray that the anger will just passover, so that you can have a clear mind again.

That’s it for now. Signing off!


– N.F.

Who Are You?

A new dawn is rising.

It’s time to coil up your fist and claim what’s rightfully yours! And that, my friend, is your identity.

I’m not talking about your social security stuff. I’m talking about who you should know you really are. Not by how people define you, but by how you define yourself.

People say that they love themselves completely, but would you say you even knew what love was, to begin with?

Ask yourself this for a moment; What do you think love is? If love were a person, how would you describe “him” ?

I guess where I’m going with this is, it all starts with love. Once you know the true meaning of love, you will have reached the beginning of this volatile path called life.

Honestly, I just wanna shine the light on this subject because no one ever talks about it. I think there are some reasons as to why. Here are a few:

  1. They have no idea how to explain such a broad subject in a way that the common mind has the ability to understand.
  2. They, themselves, haven’t reached the point of knowing who they are yet. (I’m not saying I do, just to clarify. This is all something we’ll probably never completely understand.)
  3. They all just don’t care, or have an extreme passive character!

I’m new on this site (I just made an account like 30 minutes ago). So, I don’t know if any of you have read something like this, or even will read this, but I don’t care about that. All I want to do is share my thoughts that beg to be shared!

This is it for today! I hope at least one person felt something while reading this…Anyways, bye for now!


– N.F.